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Contact Us as Your Irrigation Contractor

A healthy lawn is one that has properly designed irrigation. You want to make sure that your grass and the other features of your landscape are receiving the right amount of water they need to be lush and vibrant. How do you accomplish this? The answer is with high-quality irrigation systems.


Berkshire Irrigation, Inc. is proud to serve as your irrigation contractor in Canaan, NY. We will provide the services you need to improve the condition of your landscape and property. We offer a wide variety of services to both residential and commercial customers to ensure they get the results they are after. Reach out to us today for more information.

Looking for a Quote?

The irrigation services available from our company are designed to deliver results without breaking the bank. To see just how beneficial these services are, just email us at and include answers to the following questions:

1. What is your name or company name?

2. What is your work & personal phone number?

3. What is your email?

4. What is the location of your property?

5. Is your property commercial or residential?

6. Is the service requested lawn or garden related?

7. What type of water source do you use, municipal, well, pond, etc.?

8. If you are working with an architect or designer, who are they?

9. Is this a new construction?

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