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Irrigation Systems Give You Lush Green Lawns - Canaan, NY

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Services:

  • We consult with residential and commercial customers to design a reliable irrigation system that best fits their specific needs.

  • Regular irrigation maintenance of sprinkler systems will keep your system running smoothly and consistently throughout the growing season.

  • Quality installation craftsmanship that will last for generations.

  • Irrigation system setup for the spring season, calibrating the system clock, and setting sprinkler heads to ensure the system is operating properly and efficiently.

  • Performing end-of-the-season winterization of irrigation systems, using compressed air to blow out the systems so they do not freeze.

  • Creating a water consumption analysis specific to each irrigation design.

  • Coordinating the irrigation system requirements with other contractors utilized in residential and commercial projects, such as the Pump Specialist, Plumber, General Contractor, Landscape Architect/ Designer, Builder, Landscaper, and many others.

  • Providing "As Built Plans" showing precise locations of the controller, mainline, and valves.

  • Specializing in irrigation systems fed by wells, cisterns, ponds, and municipal water.

Worker In the Process of Irrigation Installation, Irrigation Installation Services in Canaan, NY
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